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Free Resources

for Individuals, Families, & Community Centers

Let people know about the resources available in their community to help them


Resource Cards

Also known as "Street Cards," these resource cards contain information about how to find out about the resources in your area, accessible from nearly anywhere in the U.S.! They also contain symbols for those experiencing homelessness as well as information about the kinds of services that may be available in one's community.

Please note: You must sign our Educational Waiver to obtain the Resource Cards

Resource Cards

Sign our Educational Waiver to get the Resource Cards

Our Educational Waiver will help you to become aware of all the ways that you can help and share resource cards, from behind the scenes sharing them in community settings like libraries, to sharing them in safer ways in the community. You must sign and return this waiver in order to receive resource cards.

Educational Waiver

Resource Guide & Workbook

This free Resource Guide can be used by individuals and community centers to help people to know what support is available in their community and how to access it.

It also can help people begin to build their budgeting skills and shares tips for relieving stress for those in life transitions.

Resource Guide

Learn More

We have a video that shares how we use our Resource Guide & Workbook to help others and how you might also. You can also learn Ways We Can All Help to End Homelessness and more!