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Our Name Has Changed to The Skill-building Society!

Originally, we began this journey in 2013 as Friends of the Homeless, Baltimore & Beyond. Upon getting requests from communities in other states, we later changed our name to Friends of the Homeless National Resource Center. Over the last several years, upon hearing expressed interest and understanding the almost universal problem of people having not adequately developed their essential life skills in this culture, we began serving a wider array of people ~ not just those experiencing homelessness or marginalization, but training the mental health professionals who serve them as well as those working in schools, families, and communities. Today our new name reflects this evolution ~ The Skill-building Society ~ and we welcome you and are glad you're here!

Here's How We're Helping & You Can Too!

Resource Information for anyone in need & community organizations

Our free resources are accessible and downloadable through the web. Here you will find Resource Cards, a Resource Guide & Workbook, and other resources that let those who are struggling ~ and the centers that serve them ~ learn how to find and access the community resources that are available across the U.S. These resources have been shared with individuals, shelters, community centers,, schools and colleges, police departments in different states, and even a U.S. Embassy!

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An unusual story about strengthening community in SW Baltimore!

This is a unique example of ways to build community & help people to become resourceful advocates & change agents, in an unexpected way! By responding to the needs you see around you in your community, and pooling your efforts. This introduction and method may work for you too! It includes how to access free resources that can help.

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

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